Blood & Carnage: Tales from a T.O.

by Kessel Run Games Inc.

As we head into the new 10th edition of Warhammer 40k I am sure a lot of you like me are thinking about your army/armies and wondering how the changes are going to affect the way they play on the table top or weather maybe just maybe now is the time to start a new army.

I’ve been a Death Guard player for the last 2 editions and I have really enjoyed playing the army and I really do like their aesthetic and the way the army plays. I have had some moderate success as well at tournaments with my highest place finish being 3rd at the Gingerbread Apocalypse in December of 2022.

Now as we head into 10th I have decided that I’m going to start a new army. As you have probably already guessed from the name of this Blog that my new army for 10th edition is going to the World Eaters. 

Why World Eaters? I hear you ask well it was a tough decision to be honest. I looked at all the other armies in the Warhammer 40k range and started removing the armies I didn’t like the look of, regardless of how well they are currently doing on the tabletop. 

To start with I looked at all the Imperium factions and nothing really stood out to  me. I did briefly consider returning to the Dark Angels ( First army I had when I first started out in Warhammer 40k) especially after the release of Their Primarch Lion El’Jonson. On the list of possible Imperium armies I also put Imperial Fists, Grey Knights, and Adeptus Custodes.

Next I looked at the Xenos factions and 2 factions stood out to me right away. the T’au Empire (yes I know they get a lot of hate) and Tyranids. I've always been a fan of Tyranids and whenever I see them on the tabletop I immediately think of Paul Verhoeven 1997 film Starship Troopers.

Then it was on to the Chaos factions. And boy was this the toughest decision of them all. There are a lot of armies in this faction that I’d like to play or at least try. The Chaos list of possible armies was Chaos Knights, Cogs of Vashtoor, Iron warriors, Black Legion, Thousands Sons, and World Eater’s.

So with the possible armies now decided it was time to start narrowing them down to one. I knew that I wanted to play a style of army that I hadn’t played before and for that reason alone the Dark Angels, T’au Empire, Chaos Knights and Adeptus Custodes were immediately removed from my list as these are all armies that I’ve owned before. Next I started researching the remaining armies to see which one appeared to me the most. Next to be removed from my list were the Grey knights and Thousand Son for no other reason than we still don’t have a clear definition of how a psychic based army is going to play in 10th edition. Imperial Fists, Iron Warriors and Black Legion were the next to go despite each army's nuances; they are basically Space/Chaos marines.

Now I was down to just 3 Armies to choose from and each one had their own uniqueness. Ultimately after many hours of research I decided on The World Eaters primarily because they are a melee focused army and it’s a style of army that I’ve never played before.

I now have the 9th Edition World Eaters codex in hand and I’m currently reading and planning my new World Eaters army. Yes I know the codex will become obsolete when the 10th edition hits but I have always felt that the codex is always the best place to start when building an army.

I hope you will all follow along with me on this journey as I  build a new army and head off to some tournaments. I’m aiming to get this army ready to go to the Fields of Damnation tournament in Saskatoon in September.


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