Kessel Run PD Day Camps! Locker Rentals for gamers and more!

by Kessel Run Games Inc.

It's BACK TO SCHOOL TIME! Wave goodbye to the kids as they ride away on the big yellow bus.

This time of year also means our camps are coming to an end. We had a good first year of Kessel Gaming Camps. Lots of campers were through the doors and experienced the fun of gaming, painting minis, heading to the park for water fights and much more. It was great to see parents who had been gamers themselves beam as their children showed them their first painted mini or the Druid the just rolled for D&D. Camps will definitely run next summer!

With the success of our camps, we have decided to do something else new to the area and launch PD Day camps! No longer do you have to worry about taking a day off or scrambling to find somewhere for the kids to go on PD days. They can come to Kessel Run Games! We have some of our staff from the summer here on all school board PD days through the upcoming school year to run our tested program a day at a time. Kids will be playing games, watching movies, learning to paint/model and more. Contact us directly for specific info and see the below. If we are missing any PD days please let us know, but rest assured all PD days will be staffed. Book now as spots will be limited. 

In other news, we have lockers now! Lockers are available for storage of all manner of gaming gear so you don't have to lug it to and from the store all the time. We have 2 sizes to choose from at At $8/month. Provide your own lock or purchase one here. You can pre-pay for as many months as you like here. Come on ind and check them out. 











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