Making Friday Night Magic Fun!

by Kessel Run Games Inc.

Remember when you started playing Magic with your buddies in the hallway at school, or in a friend's basement? Remember how much fun that was? There was no prizing. No foils, no leader points. We've decided to try and bring that fun back; to help get people out on a Friday night, together playing games. Maybe even bring some friends out to learn how to play our beloved game...AND give out prizes. 

Well, Friday Night is for MAGIC! No more formats, no more planning. Grab all or some of your decks, c'mon out to the store and meet your friends. Play some magic...ANY magic. Want to draft? We will fire one. Want to play commander? Find an opponent. Want to deck-build and talk about magic? Do it. Bring those jank decks out and battle against other jank decks for the fun of it. We are bringing the fun back. Bring out new people and introduce them to the game. No more worrying about placing high to win prizes. Everyone with a DCI that participates will be entered into a lottery for Promo packs from Theros: Beyond Death and promos from older sets.

So come one out every Friday and run whatever format you want and STILL win prizes. Have some fun. Claim a free ticket so we know how many are coming!

**Drafts will run at $15 per participant.






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