Core Set 2020 and Gaming Camp!

Core Set 2020 and Gaming Camp!

by Tyler Wood Kessel Gaming Camp, Magic News Leave a comment

Core set 2020 is here! Check out what Wizards has to say about it here. There's Chandra and Chandra and Chandra even! Grab a seat at our pre-release and experience the novelty first hand. Tickets can be purchased here and spots are limited.  Why not also reserve your shiny new box to crack open, or some boosters, a bundle, planeswalker decks or theme boosters. All product is available to pre-order here.  In other news our Kessel Gaming Camps are seeing signups. We would love to fill up our vacant spots so please drop us a line with any questions you have. Remember, kids can attend from ages 8-16 (contact us if you have a camper outside that range) they will learn multiple game systems, get free game time, watch movies at Cine Starz, attend the Y for swimming and much more! Click here to get more info or reserve spots.   


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