We've Gotta Buy 'Em All!

We've Gotta Buy 'Em All!

by Tyler Wood Pokemon, Store News Leave a comment

  Pokemon is here! Our database is live with shiny pictures. Our buylist now has a section to select which card game you'd like to sell. Our prices are set and we are ready to buy and sell all the Pokemon! Click "buylist" on our website to access the buylist. Here you can search for the cards you want to sell, and at them, in any accepted conditions to a list that is submitted to the store. Once this is done, drop of or mail in your cards. We will grade them when they arrive and pay out the store credit or arrange for a cash payment! We are currently buying 4 of every card. Cards with a value of less than $1 are paid out at a lower rate than the standard 50% cash or 65% store credit. We are currently accepting near mint or lightly played cards.  "Cause I always play to win" - Ash Ketchum


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