• Mar 14, 2019
  • by Kessel Run Games Inc.

Here's the news and some updates from the past week. 

Some of you have been looking for MTG cards that we don't seem to have. We felt like we should have more too, so we did some investigation. We discovered that when we transferred our inventory, multiple thousands of cards weren't inputted properly. Namely from older blocks around Urza. We are inputting those now, so keep an eye out. 

Our new hot-buylist is up. It's full of Fetchlands and Shocklands from the most recent sets. Search the above names to see them. We are paying 60% cash and 75% store credit! Get those lists in. 

We apologize for the amount of rejected card on our buylist. The new buylist app is much more powerful than the previous and we tried to make it too complicated in the beginning. We have since rolled it back a bit. We know you are having some cards rejected as our optimal quantity value is waiting on a fix to limit the number of cards you can sell us. Keep in mind-we want 8 of everything. 

We were hoodwinked! The wish-list app we had installed didn't send back-in-stock notifications! We've since installed a new app that does just that, and migrated the wish-list data from any products you added to your wish-list that were out of stock. You will now get notifications when they come in. 

We love our new platform. We understand there has been some adjustment, and sometimes adjustment is difficult. We wanted to thank you all for hangin' in with us during the transition period and continuing to offer your support and feedback. We have some more changes to implement before the new system is exactly the way we like it, but they should be minimal and not noticeable. 

Thanks again for the Kessl Run team for all your support. Keep an eye out for new events and sales!