Dungeons & Dragons 5e Alexandre
Dungeons & Dragons
Intermediate/Advanced Experience Level

Join a 5th edition game with Alexandre!

Kessel Run Games is providing Dungeon Masters at our store to make finding games easier, even on short notice. Check all events for a complete list and choose your game accordingly.

Players should be at the store 1/2 hour before the start of the session to receive pertinent session info, set up tables and generate characters if necessary. Sessions are 4 hours total.

Players are responsible for providing their own dice, character sheets and basic books for reference during the session. You may purchase all of these, as well as miniatures and other accessories on-site. You will require at least a Player's Handbook, 1 set of polyhedral dice, 1 character sheet and a pencil.

Dungeon masters are only responsible for running the session and not lending items.

Characters may need to be changed to fit the party or scenario/module.

Drinks and snacks are available for purchase on-site.


Please let us know the class/race you'd like to play.

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