Secret Lair - April Fool's

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    Wizards of the Coast Presents: After Great Deliberation, Secret Lair - April Fool's!

    We Have Compiled and Remastered the Greatest Magic: The Gathering Cards of All Time, Ever

    Everyone has their favorite Magic cards—cards that remind them of the happiest moments from their childhoods, or time spent with their closest friends, or simply cards that are the coolest. And that's fantastic! However, all of you are wrong, as there can be only one correct list of the greatest Magic cards of all time.

    We at Wizards have agonized over this, arguing and shouting and using deeply personal insults to crush the wills of those with dumb opinions. After months of R&D in-fighting, we have arrived at an undeniable list of the best Magic cards of all time. And what's more, we've somehow made them even greater with glorious brand-new foil full-art treatments.


    1 Foil Alternate-Art Goblin Snowman

    1 Foil Alternate-Art Mudhole
    1 Foil Alternate-Art Storm Crow
    1 Foil Alternate-Art Tibalt, the Fiend-Blooded with the original art by Chase Stone. 

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