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    Monsterpocalypse: Deimos-9
    The enigmatic tripod walker craft known only as Deimos-9 would follow after the Ares Mothership and continue the process of harvesting resources while expeditiously dismantling Earth’s defenses. Impacting initially in a compact spherical form, it unfolded to reveal its long legs and extending manipulator appendages, proving it could swiftly cross any terrain as it focused on urban centers. Deimos-9 has shown the capability of reaping vast amounts of energy in minutes, and seems to prefer to prey on power plants, solar grids, and other high-energy locations. Its grappling manipulators and limbs are made of advanced Martian metals and polymers, being extremely strong and durable despite a fragile appearance.
    • 1x Deimos-9
    Scenery is supplied unpainted and some assembly will be required.

    This box contains All the parts necessary to assemble one Deimos-9,1 stat card . 60mm acrylic base supplied. To assemble and paint.

    - $29.99

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