Kessel Run Gaming Camps

Kessel Gaming Camp

Kessel Run Games is excited to introduce Summer Gamer Camps into our schedule of family friendly events. Each summer, Gamer Camp will introduce young gamers to the different platforms available. In addition, young gamers will participate in other activities such as outdoor sports and swimming. 

Tentative weekly Schedule HERE  Please email all questions to

  • Schedule is subject to change. Please notify staff if you need to pick up your child early in order to ensure we are at the store at that time.

Registration form HERE and email it to You can purchase spots on our events page for each week.


Board Game Classics: Gamers will be introduced to board games such as Munchkins, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, and more!

Every day I’m Shuffling: Gamers are introduced to different card games including Pokemon, Magic the Gathering, and Dungeon Mayhem! Gamers will also leave with their very own starter deck for Magic the Gathering.

Table Top Miniatures: Gamers will learn how to prime, paint, and maintain their very own store-provided miniatures that can be used for such games as Warhammer and Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons: Gamers will learn the concepts of Dungeons & Dragons, including character building, and will complete a full D&D campaign!

CAMP INFORMATION:All camps are designed for young gamers age 8-16, however, campers as young as 6 will be considered based on knowledge of games. 

Location: Pick-up and drop-off each day at Kessel Run Games, A102-240 Centrum Blvd, Orleans. Camp activities will occur at Kessel Run Games and in the immediate neighborhood.

Camp Hours: 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Extended day available from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. for an additional $50/wk. Late pick-ups (15 mins after arranged time) will be given a warning on first late pick-up after which they will be charged $5 for every 15 mins past pick-up time.

Regular Week: Registration for a regular week (5 days) is $175/week plus tax. 

Short Week: Registration for a short week (4 days) is $140/week plus tax per camper. 

Single Day Drop-ins: Gamers who are interested in participating in a single day of camp (or multiple single days) have the potion of joining us for $35/day plus tax. Gamers can pre-register or drop-in the day of, subject to availability.

Half day Drop-ins: For gamers 12 & over who are interested in gaming only, there is the option to participate in ½ day for $25/day. Gamers can pre-register or drop-in the day of, subject to availability.

Identification Policy: All Young Gamers under the age of 12 must be signed-in and out by a parent/guardian identified on the registration form. Government issued photo I.D. must be shown. Campers over the age of 12 can be given permission to leave camp at the end of the day if identified on the registration form.

What to Pack: Young Gamers are responsible to bring their own lunch and snacks for the day. In addition, they will require a hat, sunscreen, bug spray, water bottle and any prescription medication. Campers are to come dressed for the day’s activities, and ensure they have a bathing suit, towel and a change of clothes as we will be making frequent visits to the water park and the pool. 



Prohibited Items: 

Nut products




Camp Staff:

First Aid qualified

Have police checks



To register for the Kessel Run Camp please fill-out the form HERE and email it to


Refunds: Requests for refunds must be made in writing, and a 25% cancellation fee will be applied. Refunds will not be issued less than 2 weeks before camp start-up. No refunds are issued if a camper is asked to leave the program for behavioral reasons.




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