Abidan the Keeper

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    Some few immortals prove exceptional enough to earn esteemed recognition. In life, Abidan was a skilled warrior, though from a family of little standing. In death, he has won glory and honor denied him in life. He was shattered in a clash inside Ios, where he fought back to back with Hakaar the Destroyer. When the extollers recovered his sacral stone and the exalted ancestors spoke his praises, a new, more ornate form was granted him, and so he became the Keeper. Given a special place among the immortals, he fights to safeguard those around him, moving to intercept blows intended for his ancient companions.

    Base Size: 30mm
    PIP Code: 74107
    Model Materials: Metal,Resin
    Packaging: Blister
    Release Date: January 11, 2019

    - $18.99

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