Civilization: The Boardgame (2002)

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    This entry covers the 2002 release of Sid Meier´s Civilization: The Boardgame by Eagle Games. This game is unrelated to the similarly named 2010 FFG game Sid Meier's Civilization: The Board Game.A boardgame version of the award-winning PC strategy game. Create a civilization to stand the test of time! The game begins in 4000 BC where the players found a pair of villages of a fledgling people.Each player’s civilization :
    • Explores the world around them, discovering resources and the native people that defend them.
    • Expands by sending settlers out to create new cities.
    • Researches new technologies to gain advantages over the other players.
    • Builds unique “Wonders of the World”.
    • Increases the size of their cities (4 sizes from village to metropolis) to increase production.
    • Builds military units to defend what’s theirs, and to conquer what’s not.
    • 2 sets of rules (standard, and advanced) allow anyone to play the game.
    • 784 plastic pieces featuring 22 different, professionally sculpted playing pieces that represent cities, settlers, armies, navies, artillery, and air units from 4 different eras.
    • Over 100 full color Technology and Wonder cards.
    • A giant 46” x 36” gameboard featuring the artwork of Paul Niemeyer.
     This game has been reimplemented in 2007 as Civilization CHR ("open source" project)

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