D-Day Germans

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    In early 1944, the situation in France was clearly the quiet before the storm. An Allied invasion would come, probably in the summer, but until then it was a quiet place to rebuild divisions shattered in the desperate autumn and winter battles on the Eastern Front behind the ‘Atlantic Wall’ fortifications lining the coast.

    The challenge faced by the German commanders, Rommel and von Rundstedt, was how to combine these disparate forces into a battle-winning force. Should the panzers support the beach defences closely? Or should they operate with complete freedom, seeking to strike a battle-winning blow to cut off and destroy the Allied armies once ashore? What would be the best way to handle the massive Allied superiority in numbers, artillery, especially heavy naval gunfire, and aircraft? They made their choices and failed. Can you do better, defeating the Allied invasion and saving Germany?


    Background on the German Army during the events of D-Day and the break out that followed.

    Instructions on how to build:

    • Beach Defence Grenadier Company
    • Fallschrimjager Company
    • Fallschrimjager StuG Assault Company
    • Tiger Tank Company
    • Panther Tank Company
    • Panzer IV Tank Company
    • Armoured Panzergrenadier Company
    • Panzergrenadier Company
    • Reconnaissance Company


    • A painting and basing guide.
    • 3 New D-Day themed Missions

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