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    Tired of losing game pieces like socks in the dryer? Yeah we are too!

    That’s why Geekon created the Quad-Mod Game Piece Module; to protect all your game pieces that cost 0.2¢ to make, but $100 to replace! 

    Organize your tokens, coins, pieces, cards

    • LET’S MAKE A PIECE TREATY – Lose no more game pieces. Misplace no more game cards. Never forget a token or miniature. Our 4-module case solves all your board game and RPG worries through organization
    • THE GATHERING: MAGIC – Our Quad-Mod gathers together so many game boards, pieces, cards, tokens, dice, miniatures and whatnots that it’s truly Magic: The Gathering. This module case’s nickname? Wizard
    • MODULATING FEATURES – Compact and light. Can hold 6 complete game sets and pieces. 16 mesh velcro pockets with matching 16 mesh zippered pouches. Durable nylon construction with a heavy-duty zipper
    • ARE YOU A “BOARD” MEMBER? – Perfect Quad-Mod organizer for RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Star Wars, Pandemic: The Cure. Excellent for classics like Pokemon, Backgammon, Yahtzee, and Catan
    • GEEKON, A COMPANY THAT’S GOT GAME – GeekOn is a gaming gear company. Designed by and for gaming lovers, GeekOn fashions products that take your game to the next level. We GeekOns are always “board.”

    - $39.99

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