Kessel Gaming Camp
Kessel Camp

Kessel Run Gaming Camp

Kessel Run Games is excited to introduce Summer Gamer Camps into our schedule of family friendly events. Each summer, Gamer Camp will introduce young Campers to the different platforms available. 


Kessel Gaming Camp

**Schedule is subject to change.**


All camps are designed for young Campers aged 10-16, however, Campers as young as 8 will be considered based on knowledge of games.


  • Pick-up and drop-off each day at Kessel Run Games, A102-240 Centrum Blvd, Orleans. Camp activities will occur at Kessel Run Games.
  • Google Maps Link

Camp Hours: 

  • 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Late pick-ups will be given a warning on first late pick-up after which they will be charged $5 for every 15 mins past pick-up time. ($5.00 per every 15 minutes past 4:15pm)

Identification Policy: 

  • All Young Campers under the age of 12 must be signed-in and out by a parent/guardian identified on the registration form. Government issued photo I.D. must be shown.
  • Campers over the age of 12 can be given permission to leave camp at the end of the day if identified on the registration form.

What to Pack: 

  • Young Campers are responsible for bringing their own lunch and snacks for the day, however there is the opportunity to buy your lunch from Subway or Dough Bros. with supervision from staff.

Prohibited Items:

No Nut Products:

No Weapons:

No Lighters:


Camp Staff:   

  • All our camp staff are First Aid qualified and have up to date police record checks.

COVID-19 Update:

  • Maximum of 12 campers and 2 staff.
  • Screening protocols for campers and staff.
  • Sneeze guards installed where appropriate.
  • Staff will wear Personal Protective Equipment, including cloth face masks, when physical distancing can’t be maintained.
  • Camp attendees are encouraged to wear cloth face masks during activities where it may be difficult to maintain a distance of two metres.
  • Camp attendees will be required to wash & sanatize hands frequrently to promote sanitation.
  • Staff and attendees will maintain increased sanitization of camp space within the store.

 Need more information?  

Please email all questions to


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