Malign Portents Campaign Book

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    Across the Mortal Realms, strange supernatural portents bring about a new eara of war.

    The Age of Sigmar has descended amongst thunder and vengeance, and with its coming, civilization has taken root in the Mortal Realms once more. Already the shadows ofa new peril are cast across the lands, omens of disaster speaking of a deathly curse that will afflict one and all.

    Each Grand Alliance marshals its strength, led into dread Shyish by the harbingers of this new age - for there, in the Relam of Death, will the fate of the Mortal Realms be decided.

    This book contains:
    • The sotry of the war-torn Age of Sigmar, and the chilling tale of the Time of Tribulations.

    • Details on four heroic harbingers - the Lord-Ordinator of the Stormcast Eternals; the Darkoath Warqueen, leader of the Choas hosts; the Fungoid Cave-Shaman of the greenskin tribes; and the Knight of Shrouds, a ghastly emissary of Nagash.

    • Warscrolls for the above characters, and the much-prized Warscryer Citadels they use.

    • Battleplans that help you recreate some of the key events of this tumultuous era.

    • Rules for playing games set in Shyish, including escalating game effects, spells, and command abilities, and a full suite of rules for Skirmish games in the Realm of Death.

    • The Malign Portents themselves, signs that can be interprested to give your heroes and harbingers a new edge in battle.

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