Matte Army Green Spray Primer

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    • UNIQUE COLOR - This undercoat primer with very fine pigment is a perfect base for all paint jobs; a 100% match of the acrylic paint with the same name
    • SAVE TIME AND MONEY - All Color Primers of The Army Painter are an ingenious combination of Primer and Color Spray in one to save you both time and money. No need for 2 different sprays - all you need is 1 Color Primer
    • VERSATILITY AND EXCELLENT COVERAGE - The Spray Primers unique formula has been designed to be used on all metal, plastic and resin miniatures and leaves a perfect finish
    • ACRYLIC, NONTOXIC - All Army Painter primers are Acrylic based, matte and dry very quickly
    • VARNISHING - Apply Antishine Varnish in a thin coat. Never spray in humid conditions and cold weather. Test on a model first before spraying the whole army.

    - $14.29

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