Orc Beige & Black Dice Bag

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    We have a variety of bags, prepared especially for your dice. Whether you are a fan of zombies, elves or battle games, we have something for you!

    This is the totemic bag designed not for bones of ancestors but suited for more frivolous activities like roleplaying games. It’s dedicated to the elite of orc’s kind. Not all orcs are morons and many of them know sophisticated words like primal green ichor heritage,  to the last drop of blood in fight and intransigence in face of  is struggles and taunts. So, be brave like a real green-skin and hide your lucky dice in this bag.

    Material: cotton

    Dice Bag dimensions:
    approx. 11 cm (4.34") x 12 cm (4.72") x 0,5 cm
    Capacity: 35 and more dice
    The dimensions are approximate. 
    Product dimensions may vary by +/- 1cm.

    - $8.99

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