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    uPSet is a thrilling and unpredictable combination of chance and strategy where one throw of the dice or one play of a card can turn the game around and the winner of the game is in doubt until the very last second.
    Using dice, cards, an interactive scoresheet and poker-style chips (uPcentS), uPSettakes only a few minutes to learn but every game is a different roller-coaster ride of fun and excitement. uPSet strikes that perfect balance between rewarding skilled and strategic play and introducing the element of luck to make sure that everyone has a chance to win and victory is never a sure thing.

    Inspired by games played in Labrador fishing villages, Upset includes specialty dice, cards, chips, and interactive scorecards that shape play by determining who gets the cards and when. The object of the game is to score points with the dice (10,000 to win) and strategically use the Upset cards to beat your opponent. Players strategize not only on how and when they play their cards, but also how to get or avoid getting the cards. However, the special dice contain letters as well as numbers and if someone rolls the word "Upset," then everyone else, no matter how close they are to winning, must restart from scratch.

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