Gamegenic: Zip-Up Album - 18 Pocket

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    The Zip-Up Album 18-Pocket is a great way to collect and organize collectible cards of standard or Japanese size. The album is covered with the innovative Nexofyber surface to create a comfortable touch & feel combined with an elegant look. The inside of all Zip-Up Albums is covered with soft microfiber lining. Reinforced, rigid covers add protection to keep card collections safe.

    The album holds 20 pages with 18 side-loading pockets each for a total capacity of 360 cards (even double-sleeved). A durable zipper closes this album from all sides.


    • 20 side-loading pages
      to hold up to 360 sleeved cards*
    • Uniquely designed zipper puller
      for maximum grip
    • 18 side-loading pockets per
      page keep cards shake-safe
    • Holds standard- and
      Japanese-sized cards
    • Optimized for
      double-sleeved cards
    • Rigid cover prevents
      warping of front or back side
    • Premium materials (Nexofyber
      surface + microfiber inner lining)
    • Inner microfiber lining
      in matching color
    • Acid-free, no PVC

    * Optimized for Gamegenic Sleeves. Sleeves from other brands may affect capacity/compatibility

    Product size: 268 x 36 x 350 mm
    Digital rendering shown for images.

    Black - $36.99
    Blue - $36.99
    Green - $36.99
    Red - $36.99
    White - $36.99

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