Altered: Art Sleeves

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    Release Date: Q4 2024

    Protect your Altered cards with style! 
    These officially licensed Art Sleeves for the anticipated TCG Altered protect up to 50 standard-sized gaming cards. The sleeves are full-color printed and come in seven amazing eye-catching designs – six of them representing each faction. The durable and robust Art Sleeves provide a great shuffle feel and a comfortable haptic experience. They are optimized for Altered® as well as a vast variety of TCGs and LCGs. The Altered Art Sleeves can also be used for all standard-sized card games. One pack contains 50 Art Sleeves.

    • Sleeve Style : Matte

    Mana Orb - $16.99
    Sierra - $16.99
    Kojo - $16.99
    Teija - $16.99
    Nevenka - $16.99
    Sigismar - $16.99
    Akesha - $16.99

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