Churchill Armoured Troop

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    includes three plastic Churchill tanks, one Decal Sheet, one Commander Sprue and five Unit Cards.

    The Churchill infantry tank is designed to move at a walking pace ahead of the infantry, knocking out enemy machine-guns as they advance, secure behind its heavy armour. A British infantry division can expect a full brigade of 180 of these powerful tanks attached to it in support of its attacks!

    • Plastic Churchill Sprue (x3)
    • Plastic Tank Crew (x1)  
    • Decal Sheet (x1)
    Unit Cards
    • British Force Card (x1) 
    • Churchill Armoured Squadron HQ (x1)
    • Churchill Armoured Troop (x1)  
    • Crocodile Flame Tank Platoon (x1)
    • AVRE Assault Section (x1)
    15mm, plastic
    Battlefront Miniatures

    - $35.99

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