D-Day American

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    The D-Day landings were the biggest undertaking of the US Army to that point in the war. The US Army was huge, but most of its divisions were totally inexperienced. Only a handful of divisions had taken part in the fighting in North Africa, and most of those were still engaged in Italy. To offset this inexperience, they had raised elite assault troops, such as paratroopers and rangers, reorganized their regular troops for assault landings, and brought experienced veteran divisions back from the Mediterranean. This gives an American commander a wide choice of forces, even though their equipment was standardized to maximize the benefits of American-style mass production. Do you want to field fresh, eager troops, available in significant numbers, or do you want to field the less common desert veterans. Are you content with regular army troops, or do you want a small, elite strike force?

    D-Day American
    It started with an Airborne assault, hitting vital defenses behind the enemy lines. It was followed by a full scale amphibious invasion on the beaches of Normandy. Operation Overlord was in full swing, with about 160,000 men crossing the English Channel to land on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day alone. The German defensive positions proved to be a tough nut to crack. The day would be hard fought, ending with the Allies securing a tenuous foothold on the beachheads, but it was enough to withstand the following German Counter-attacks and eventually break out of Normandy. The war for Europe was now being fought in earnest, as the allies raced to liberate France and bring the war to Hitler’s front door..


    • Background on the US Army during the events of D-Day and the break out that followed.

     Instructions on how to build a;

    • Parachute Rifle Company,
    • Glider Rifle Company,
    • Ranger Company,
    • Assault Company,
    • Rifle Company,
    • Veteran Assault Company,
    • Veteran Rifle Company,
    • M4 Sherman Tank Company,
    • M5 Stuart Tank Company,
    • Armored Rifle Company,
    • Veteran M4 Sherman Tank Company,
    • Veteran M5 Stuart Tank Company,
    • Veteran Armored Rifle Company,
    • M10 Tank Destroyer Company.


    • A painting and basing guide.
    • 3 New D-Day themed Missions

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