Dwarven Dice Set

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    These are dice for heroes - hard, beautiful and useful in every struggle and every adventure that a cruel fate led by the Game Master might bring you. 
    The gray and black set is made with similar technology as Gleipnir - a chain able to tame any monster, even the Great Fenrir. Just like the wolf's chains, our dice were also made from the noise of cat steps, the female beard, the roots of the mountains and the breath of fish. All this gave our set the ability to go beyond the characteristics of ordinary dice. They should help you pass every test and be a guarantee of successful completion of any plans. Just as Gleipnir, they should be almost indestructible, effective and last till Ragnarok. Then no guarantees will be valid anymore.

    Beige/Burgundy - $20.99
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    Gray/Black - $20.99
    Red/Black - $20.99
    White/Black - $20.99

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