Inhabitants of the Woods: Elves

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    In this Pathfinder Compatible supplement you will find: 
    Three new Elven races that are both playable and usable as NPC's. That each have two of their very own alternate racial traits.
    Three new weapons and three new armours specifically for the elven race.
    Twelve new magic spells.
    New for Pathfinder! Nine new cults, guilds and orders. Each with its own unique feats.
    Two new creatures.2
    Six new elven gods for the new elven races.

    There is a lot of background information that makes this very easy to fit into any campaign. Take your adventures into the woods and encounter the elves in new and exciting ways. Take up the call of the cults, guilds and factions and either be a peaceful Grass Singer or a militant protector of the forest with the Nature's Wardens!

    - $13.99

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