Munchkin Collectible Card Game Cleric & Thief Starter Set

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    Designed by Eric M. Lang and Kevin Wilson • Developed by Sam Mitschke, Randy Scheunemann, Devin Lewis and Darryll Silva • Illustrated by Tom Siddell, Katie Cook and John Kovalic

    Contains all you need for two players to learn to play!

    Play the Munchkin Collectible Card Game, where only the best cheaters will win.

    The Dwarf Cleric laughs in the face of pain as he heals himself, turn after turn, but the Elf Thief cheats and steals as often as possible . . . and getting caught cheating is sometimes part of her plan!

    Includes two 40-card decks, tokens, level dials, a six-sided die, quick-start rules, and two Hero cards. This box has everything two players need to start fighting!

    - $5.11

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