Sherman Armoured Troop

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    includes five plastic Sherman (75mm) or Firefly (17 pdr) tanks, one Tank Commander Sprue, one Decal Sheet, and eight Unit Cards.

    Most of the British armoured divisions in Normandy were equipped with Sherman tanks. These reliable American-made tanks gave them a balance of firepower, armour, and mobility that they had long lacked.


    • Plastic Sherman or Firefly Sprue (x5)
    • British Tank Decal Sheet (x1) 
    • Plastic Tank Command Sprue (x1)

    Unit Cards

    • British Force Card (x1)
    • Sherman Armoured Squadron HQ (x1)
    • Sherman Armoured Troop (x1)
    • Firefly Sherman Armoured Troop (x1)
    • Sherman DD Armoured Squadron HQ (x1)
    • Sherman DD Armoured Troop (x1)
    • Firefly Armoured Troop (x1)
    • Sherman OP Observation Post (x1)

    15mm, plastic
    Battlefront Miniatures

    - $59.99

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