The 5d Deck (Red)

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    The 5D Deck , the reinvented playing cards. The most important innovation in the history of playing cards!

    5 New Games

    1. Super 8: Evolution Game. Super 8 needs no introduction. It's the version of the most Crazy Eights Game. With the new 5D Deck card, there will be lots of action. It can be played with 3 to 10 players.
    2. Decathlon: Trick taking Game. Like the well-known track and field event, Decathlon offers ten challenges where goals, tactics and strategies must constantly adjust. It can be played with 3 to 7 players.
    3. Kuadro: Solitaire Game. Kuadro, a declination of the Spanish word Cuadro and Portuguese Quadro for frame. A simple game which develops one's sense of observation.
    4. Pyramath: Solitaire Game. A pyramid layout with a mathematical approach. Games are short with lots of actions.
    5. Solitaire 5D: Solitaire Game. This game is a gem. If you are a fan of solitaire games, Solitaire 5D will fascinate you! With new concepts exclusive to 5D Deck, Solitaire 5D is in their opinion, the most interesting Solitaire game there is.

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