You must be Mad! Warbirds RPG Supplement

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    In the high-flying world of Azure there is a special breed of genius. Shunned by their families, ignored by their peers, they are MAD SCIENTISTS. Their work will change the world... if they live long enough to finish it.

    You Must Be Mad! contains detailed mad scientist NPCs, laboratory examples, new rules, and dozens of new science projects and plot hooks.

    It also has background information on some of the covert organizations with a vested interest in mad science, stats for both mundane and fantastic creatures, and a rules expansion for cinematic fleet battles using Rapidfire rules.


    The System

    Warbirds is a game for those looking for a fast paced, cinematic, action experience. For that reason Warbirds uses Outrider Studios signature Rapidfire System. It combines the elaborate settings and characters of a Role Playing Game high flying air combat. The dogfighting rules get to the heart of any air battle where there are only hunters and the hunted. When characters are not in their planes, they can explore the culture and mystery of Azure, while learning to deal with their fame and the press.

    The Rapidfire system is designed to ensure that story and narrative will never be bogged down by heavy rules. It is fast, simple, efficient, and inclusive, which not only adds immediacy to the action of your story, but also makes Warbirds a fun experience for role players of all levels.

    - $8.00

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