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by Kessel Run Games Inc.

We are finally getting everything ironed out around here. We have a new community/events coordinator starting tonight, which is very exciting. You will be able to reach out directly to find out how to organize and event or tournament in our gaming space. 

Our buylist is almost fixed. We are still rejecting a number of cards but have tweaked it to weed out most of what we don't want. The great guys at Binder are working hard on V2.0 of all systems, so we can look forward to lots of aesthetic and functional improvements. 

War of the Spark pre-order is live. Order Now!

Frozen food is back! We have burritos, jamaican patties and pizza pockets for sale, to pair up with our regular snack lineup. We've also added a popcorn machine! FREE POPCORN!

Noteworthy restocks: Gloomhaven

We have Shadowspear still in stock: 

Mage Knight Ultimate Edition! 


We have some Ravnica Allegiance Bundles left. A great deal. $49.99 for 10 packs, and more!  


Stop by any time!


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